Willemsplein 517
3016 DR Rotterdam


KvK 71389210


FirmCC, The Committed Consultants company, is een dienstverlener in bestuur en organisatie. Het helpt organisaties met complexe managementvraagstukken om inzicht te krijgen en zaken in beweging te brengen, zodat zij optimaal ingericht raken om de uitdagingen van vandaag en morgen het hoofd te bieden.


FirmCC can be widely deployed. In point of fact, any entity requiring changes to the organisation or its control is a potential principal. Depending on the background of the initiator, services are likely to be enlisted by public or semi-public bodies, public transport, the care sector and the corporate.

Why FirmCC

FirmCC stands out from other providers by virtue of its identity. Principals appreciate the fresh perspective of an outsider with a wealth of expertise and experience. FirmCC functions on the basis of integrity, commitment and sustainability, delivering high-grade work from an ecological perspective.