Fields of expertise

FirmCC has specific expertise in:

  • Identifying the possibilities and opportunities for innovation in organisations in relation to their environment, as well as the realisation of such opportunities
  • Proactively seeking and finding possibilities, people and organisations to create consensus for collaboration which will improve the working/living environment and financial results
  • Creating political, governance-based and social consensus on complex issues in the field of infrastructure, spatial planning and mobility
  • Taking control of or improving governance (Governance: the leading of an organisation, including the distribution of authority and responsibility, as well as accountability)
  • Creating the dynamics necessary for all people involved to strive for one and the same objective
  • Implementing efficiency improvements in situations of resistance or of complex and sometimes controversial interests, either in situations where several organisations are involved or within a single organisation.




Smart City


First and foremost we can assist principals with independent advice or a period of interim management by applying our expertise. This also provides the opportunity for us to keep improving that very expertise, as well as our performance as individuals.


FirmCC, The Committed Consultants company, is a service provider in the fields of governance and organisation. Firm CC assists organisations in obtaining insight into complex management issues and setting business in motion, enabling them to be optimally geared to cope with the challenges …


FirmCC can be widely deployed. In point of fact, any entity requiring changes to the organisation or its control is a potential principal. Depending on the background of the initiator, services are likely to be enlisted by public or semi-public bodies, public transport, the care sector and the corporate

Why FirmCC

FirmCC stands out from other providers by virtue of its identity. Principals appreciate the fresh perspective of an outsider with a wealth of expertise and experience. FirmCC functions on the basis of integrity, commitment and sustainability, delivering high-grade work from an ecological perspective.